– noun
pronounced (AR-tuh-fis)
1. a clever trick or stratagem; a cunning, crafty device or expedient; wile
2. trickery; guile; craftiness
3. cunning; ingenuity
4. a skillful or artful contrivance or expedient
5. a 3,400 square foot bar in downtown Las Vegas, featuring
three rooms with an eclectic mix of music and entertainment

Artifice is a casual neighborhood lounge with delicious drinks, boutique wines, an eclectic music program and three different rooms to lounge in featuring paintings and photography by artists in the city and around the world. Signature drinks include; The Warhol, Taming of the Shrew, and Nicky Free.
Open 7 days a week, 5pm til 2am

Private Parties

Artifice Bar is available for private engagements for any size group.


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